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Saturday, March 31st, 2007

I Have come back to the city to play at a jackin party and it went off!!
I think they are still looking for the roof somewhere down on Bondi beach!
A question was asked of me …. Would I mind playing the big set the day after such a long drive?
Does it look like I mind?

Yes Yes Yes House is back on the menu again, not one dirty electro track here No No… Remember how it used to be?
The apartment was mac daddie with the kick arse view of bondi and as I come on the vibe was just kicking in with help from Matt Wonderland on the congas.I guess all the elements combined last night..the moon..the stars..the drugs… and of course the tunes because the word went out and we got slammed…guys were turning up with more drums, a sax player popped up from somewhere and about a hundred people crammed in a danced like I haven’t seen for awhile.
It was hot baby !
The View from the balcony which I only saw in the beginning as I couldn’t move from the decks…not that I wanted to!
What a Blast…apologies to the neighbours. May your sleep be Deep and Blissfull tonight x
Tune in to bondifm on Sunday 2pm for the come down as I do the blissbomb show…88fm or


Saturday, March 31st, 2007

I am back on the Gold Coast and back looking over the sand to the waves through the rain showers, just put a needle on a record, the sun comes out and the people smile…. ah the days of the beach DJ…. BLISS has come again
If your up this way on a Sunday afternoon stop by and say hi to DJ Alfie…he is one cool cat with the best collection of records in town and this is one great place to sit back and listen to them. He plays every Sunday here at Mermaids Burleigh Heads. I have had the absolute pleasure of sharing his decks once again and look forward to next time.
Then off up the beach to play some sexy house at a brand new Bar called Boheme and the nice folks kept the ol Queensland hospitality flowing.
But alas the holiday in the sun is coming to an end, the temperature is starting to change and as I point the car south I am reminded of how much good it does one to come back to the roots of where it all began.Everything seems clearer in life and I cant wait to be back in Sydney to greet the southerly blows before they arrive and chill it all down.


Wednesday, March 21st, 2007

Well It’s been many moons since I have come back to where it all began…where I found myself looking for my own blissbomb and I thought it high time I shared it with you all. Home is an empty beach where the only sound is the wind in the trees and the waves arriving on the sand with a gentle crash. This is what I love to do…sit back and watch the sunset over the tops of the trees with not a soul around and for a long time I was not taken with putting on a record, just erecting a tent…BLISS
It was a holiday for me here and yes in the heat of the tropics beer is good, perfect in fact
So soon I will arrive back down south to the city, but oh if it isn’t the best city on earth, I miss the harbour I do.
I will hope to see you there…all chilled up and ready to go.

Tour week two

Sunday, March 11th, 2007

Aloha ! Mahalo ! Welcome to paradise.
I arrived to this, another surf comp, but this one has got soul.
Surfing Legends are everywhere and they bought waves, good waves.
They also bought over water from Hawaii, which was put into the ocean here on the points and there was hoola girls ahhhh
They say home is where the heart is , so this is my home, where I feel at peace … healing place , sacred place.
And a DJ gig in a club. BOLD at the Rolling Rock. It was packed and it felt like a homecoming , many nights I was drunk here enjoying music , this time however… I had the records. And there was a screen behind me playing all kinds of stuff.
The Party, A Sellers movie I have been meaning to see for so many years but never made it. Now it’s behind me and I try not to be distacted, not easy when nearly every time I catch a glimpse it makes me chuckle. I really must hire this…

Tour week one

Friday, March 2nd, 2007

Another Day another beach this time entertaining pro surfers and a plethora of girls in bikinis looking for Kelly Slater.
The DJ booth is suspended above the beach on Snapper Rocks in a tent with a perfct view of the waves and we played some tunes…
Here we are, the line up for the night,
Stefan ( Daft Punk), Son of the Sea, and DJ Alfie.
We played to the moon over the surf and the sea breeze on a balmy night went to our heads as it does.
A couple of days in the sun and the ol tan is coming back into my skin, a couple of days in the sea and the stress is washed away and the big city seems far. But there is some work to be done…. well kinda
Walking down the beach path to Mermaids and my Sunday gig felt like I could be anywhere other than the Qld Beach that I am actually on , I could hear the tunes of my host DJ Alfie Romeo floating over the sand like a cool breeze.
Alfie is a DJ who lives with sand between his toes and we spent the afternoon playing so close to sea I had to think about the splash factor…fun in the sun
After the sunset the place became even more ambient as the lights came on and the crowd thinned but I stayed into the night drinking wine and looking for the Mermaids. Snapped one more pic as I stumbled down the beach to where I was staying the night.