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Blissbomb Weekend Excursion to the Gold Coast

Thursday, April 26th, 2007

Hope on a plane and leave the grey city behind for a weekend in the sun?
Yes Please!
Did the chillout sunet vibe on the Tweed River at a beautiful venue called the Ivory Hotel
And the people went ahh
Then the late nights it was Sexy House in a very sexy bar in Broadbeach…Called Boheme
And the people went oooh
And yes I loved the Boheme. Drinking rum with the owner,nice folks and All the Dj’s there are all House Music afficionardos. Nice
Then more Rum and this amazing walk down the beach to my bed.
Electrical storm on a calm sea. And a calm mind
The Next day I learn of the benefits of the Infinity Pool.
Combine this with good music and sunset for maximum exposure of bliss.
Then before I know it the gigs are done , and I am floating back to Sydney and into the clouds of the big city
And there is nothing like a bit of tradition on Anzac Day…
It is a day for remembering the fallen in war , a day of being thankfull for this country
It should also be a day of cultivating peace so these things never happen again.
So I celebrate with a meat pie and mushy peas at a place where so many soldiers have done before me
This is Harry’s
And I am alive … and thankfully yours in the bombers chair.
Armed with love and the bombs of bliss.
Shane…pilot first class ///////\\\\\\\\

oooo hooo… I’m goin up north again !!!

Monday, April 16th, 2007

I am right now going through all my old vinyl records…
And realizing how much good stuff is back against the wall.
Gotta get it all on CD now cause I must get it all on a plane
and fly it back up to play on the Goldie…Weeeeeee!!!!!!!!
I actually just had a big dance in my living room
Oh yeah on a monday night I am high on music.

My records wait outside the club and they want to go to the aaaaafter party

Friday, April 13th, 2007

I Love the After parties … The Journey to arrive, all those strange conversations and way to many smokes. And the new friends
But tonight it’s good friends all around for it is everyones good mate Steve’s last hurrah in Manly.It’s Eastern Europe tonight and the main man himself hits the decks first and I meet half the Uzbeckistan Netball Team on the way in.
My kind of gig. x


Thursday, April 5th, 2007

Yes indeed folks I AM playing the show on Sunday

Looking forward to spreading the happy vibes at your place.

SUNDAY 2-4pm Bondi time

88FM or