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Radio Room

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Sunday afternoon studio with a view.
Two hours on the microphone I play to the beach and the clouds
Blissbomb owns the bbq today down the road.
Thanks for listening he says, thanks for playing she says
And the sun goes down over Bondi Beach.
Blissbomb on Bondifm Sundays 2 - 4 pm …. mixed with love by ( SOS )
88fm ( local ) or ( planet )

The Moose is watching me

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

I am dj ing tonight in a most wonderous place, the room is warm and intimate.
There are friends around.And the record players are on the coffee table.
I have a bottle of red wine on the table beside my decks.
So I sit back on the old couch and play some lounge records.
Warm tunes, exotic tunes, funky tunes and some take me to bed now tunes…
And it’s fun. Then we smoke a bit too much.
I see the Moose now for who he is, he is looking over my little moniter speakers and I hope he approves of all this

Sometimes playing records for people can be a thankless and uninspiring passtime, when people aren’t hearing the tunes
as I am. It happens, and each to his own.
In fact thanks God that we all have such different taste in sounds, keeps things interesting.
But anyway tonight is great fun in the lounge vibe, such a nice place to be spinning vinyl
I am inspired once more to play some more smokin tunes


Thursday, June 7th, 2007

Where will it be ? What form will it take?
Will there be jobs and cities and traffic or
Will we sit on the beach all day?
Will people still make music ?
This is the last Bastion of civilisation party.
People made music and people danced.
We are in a warehouse and yes there was traffic…
Dancefloor traffic, people twirling, jumping, visuals, drugs, love.
I played some records… very funky house records in the warehouse thank you very much
The Girl with the poi
I have never been afraid of a little volume , tonight I was satisfied and a little dizzy.
My view from the decks at the end of my set goes something like this


Friday, June 1st, 2007

June 6
Last night I had a dream I that lived in a speaker
And the sky was a smoke filled room in Ibiza.
The sun was a crystal ball shining 24 hours a day
And my air was the wind of the woofer bouncin of the walls.
My soul was the spirit of all the children dancing.
My rain was the sweat that rolled of their faces.
My lightening was the strobe that filled the room like a tropical storm.
This is my world.