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Winter Sun

Wednesday, July 25th, 2007

More Balearic moments siting on a rock previewing tracks for a new compilation cd I have been thinking of…
Sitting here with natures visuals and the music of man is my meditation today…and also in the clubs.
You may see me behind the decks sometime.From the dancefloor my body is totally there with the music,
but my mind has gone
I am somewhere else. I have been known to name it Bliss from time to time
DJ & VJ…Music and Visuals , Groove and Light , So much fun. Dance often! Let it go!

Live Earth After Party

Tuesday, July 17th, 2007

I Arrive at the Infamous Pub The Bat&Ball next to the stadium as the people are streaming out.
I spotted this guy with my DJ tag on his T Shirt…cool
Actually they were all over folks torso’s… very cool
So the after party at the pub was interesting to say the least ,
Tried a bit of everything to get the crowd going after ten hours of bands in the sun,
What worked….a bit of good ol sing alongs.
The VB flowed flags came out, and since I was in the famous watering hole of the SCG.
I ended with ‘ I Don’t like Cricket … I Love it !
Indeed. What a funny gig

Home sweet Home

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

While the white isle of Ibiza hots up with the influx of sunset watching party people I thought I would get into the balearic vibe and show you a photo or two of my local yesterday.
Nice mix in the ears, sea breeze, imagine all the people….
This spot would be my ideal spot to play records in Oz.
Shelly Beach.
( it does happen often on the impromptu I have to say )
But a festival would be better I think
Thinkin of Ibiza…..

The RELAX Party

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

The dancing party with a curious name…our minds relaxed as our bodies pumped to the rhythm
Tonight the set was a real journey. I started deep and sexy,then got very funky indeed.
Then whats better than having a good friend and very good Dj pop in for a drink and a dance.
Having him jump behind the decks and go record for record.
Welcome Nestor… and I was glad I kept the roof on because NOW was the time to lift it…
Time flies when your having fun they say…I say we all were flyin about here.
As the night progressed to the wee hours a bit of piano and a taste of some trance to finish it off.
The folks were melting on the dancefloor…Dj’s relaxing…
so I put on my happy record…Bliss