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rainy winter sunday sydney

Tuesday, August 21st, 2007

Off to the radio in Bondi but first to my good friend and fav Turkish Barrista.
Haks is the man with the magic,the drug is the coffee I get and now I am ready to go.
Late nights always make my sunday very dreamy and playing tunes a blissfull tonique.
You can listen along every sunday on
After the show I always get stuck with Joe from Sound Influence.
His records and an afternoon beer make it hard to go far from the speakers
I take a picture whenever I hear a good Cd, great idea as I am blessed by being where I am in life
But my List is long and I can never keep on top of it.
I play music to feed my addiction of buying new music to play to feed my addiction of hearing new music.
I am A DJ this is my world…

monday is a chill day

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

The weekend leaves behind ringing ears and a slight fatigue.
Cure, some Turkish tea and a burning sensation
Getting lost as the sun sets and the dice disappear into the magical board
Energy comes back to us when we sit still, and I am ready to bust it out again
If we build it…the vibe will come, desending on us like a cascade from above.
Then you dance dance dance and the energy keeps flowing.
Love the DJ’s and they will respond with the vibe going through them.

hard hats on the dancefloor

Wednesday, August 8th, 2007

Saturday night my favourite party crew and I have taken over
The Grand Pacific Blue Room for a night of celebration.
The theme Toolbelts and Tiaras.
The dancefloor is full all night and I am on the decks for a good five hours.
But I have help , the Tuscan Brothers are on the instruments
And Nestor comes to share the vibe with me again.
Check this guy out, roping off his place on the floor…Classic
I always need my space especially to enjoy music.
Another reason I became a DJ perhaps?

How to prepare for a night on the town

Thursday, August 2nd, 2007

Yes thats me hunting dinner at Sydney’s North Head.
You’d be surprised how many DJ’s love to fish.
Why? Thats one I will let you ponder.
I have had quite a few late gigs in town, dropped the last track
and shot off to join a few mates on the beach in the middle of the night.
But for this weekend it was a boat fish. I had sea legs all night.
Try standing behind the record players when the floor is all wobbley
People dancing are really standing still and people standing still…
Are really moving.