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This Manly life

Friday, September 28th, 2007

I am sitting by the sea, watching the sun go down
Life moves to the beat of spring on a breeze
I hope my friends around the world understand my reluctance to leave
But the lure of foreign beaches and sound systems keeps calling…
Next year perhaps
But for now I am here
So let the music play !

enjoy a new album today

Monday, September 17th, 2007

One week ago my good friend from from England and master chill out dude
Chris Coco sent me his new album…I have waited till today to slide it in the player
The first listen to a new complete album is an experience
It should be savored, everything ready for the journey.
My checklist:Good stereo,good friends,nice sky,cold beer.
The reward, everytime I hear this song I think of this place.
It links me to this moment.
Chris’s Album is outstanding and the afternoon is etched in the fabric of our being
P.S. This is not a joint
I will be playing the album on Bondifm this sunday(2-4pm), as well as many other Coco tunes.
Check the links page to see Chris’s website, and the bondifm link.
Enjoy some new music soon

martini in the lounge bar

Thursday, September 13th, 2007

I love playing in a big open room with no dancefloor
it takes away so much presure and can let the tunes
choose themselves.Up here we drift away in the vibe
of the many different feelings that come through the speakers.
It’s about filling the air tonight with something tangible
and everyone is at home…ahhhh the lounge bar

The first weekend of spring….

Wednesday, September 5th, 2007

It is a big weekend, really big weekend…
The days get longer and the nights are getting warmer.
Friday night it begins…. with a big booming place,
lots of people.
Saturday night I play away in a little village called Avalon,
lot less people.
But the vibe is the same; summer is coming. inhibitions are going.
Time to get out there and mingle
Big room = Big lasers.
Small room = Small laser.
Up in the village friends are all around and I play records.
And we are dancin to the beat of a different drum…
‘The spirit of summer is coming amongst us’
This is me at the end, job done, happy.
The weekend comes to a close and I thought I would put this picture in…
The next day after the after. Still in Sydney, the first weekend of spring!
Roll on Summer…Roll on