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The Summer man

Wednesday, October 31st, 2007

Time to meet our mascot for the season
Time to brush of his cobwebs
Time to come out of our shell
Time to embrace the sunshine and feel the vibes
Time to wake ourselves up and take a deep breath

A cup of coffee and a mix
So many places to play records on so many new players
For so many new faces, races, chasers, spaces
Here we go now…

Another blissfull weekend

Monday, October 22nd, 2007

It starts by joining my (now) good friend and host of last weeks party,
Jasper for a beer or two overlooking Freshwater Beach. Talk of last weeks hedonism.
How we must detox.then get ready to retox, because the summer is here.
So we look at the sea and enjoy a new friendship that will go deeper than the drugs
on the dancefloor,because of a common passion which is of course music.
rewind to last week and another pic of host and dj near the end of it
The set last week was a journey ( 5 hrs )!!!!
which I love because it gives the music a chance to get under everybody’s skin
Bang in some downright classics in the beginning, gather their trust and after some time
they let me take them deeper into unknown territory and they don’t have to have heard
all the records before to fully go off! Because they just sound good
Something that is just too hard to do in some random two hour club slot
Sometimes I feel for the kids hitting the clubs today for the first time
It’s not what it used to be
They don’t know how it was for us.The music took us higher, much higher
There were more smiles in the clubs and I am sure we danced harder and longer!
But I will always still put a needle on the record and remember
As always I close the weekend with my Sunday radio slot on bondifm
The beach is packed, a lovely girl calls me from a BBQ to say everybody is loving the tunes and I feel happy to be able to get some good music out there.

Kangaroo valley for a day and a night

Monday, October 15th, 2007

The Red Jag is loaded with Sound System and camping gear and pointed south,
A beer stop is made and the beer we choose has to match the car, it’s that kind of weekend.
A 24 hour festival in a bush house far away from the city and sleeping neighbours,
So a late / loud night is forecast. Excitment builds but I gotta hold back…
My camera skills take a break for the night and this is one photo that turned out
Ceiling decorations and some hands in the air…you get the idea.theceilingvibrates.jpg
I seem to remember being ‘Knighted’ with a glow stick at some stage, That’s a first for me!
Party on!
Sir Son of the Sea

on the way into town tonight…

Tuesday, October 9th, 2007

Sailing past the opera house on the way to the office…
Just another regular commute by one of Sydney’s workers…
Nothing special just going to work
Doing my thing for the daily grind.
I just wanna make you dance and feel alright now
Make you feel alright now