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I am in blissmode

Wednesday, November 21st, 2007

Sunset in the summer light…out there someplace in the aussie sun

‘Shane you start at 8am’

Monday, November 12th, 2007

In the city, very early in the morning on a Saturday and my god
I need a coffee, and some more sleep would have been good but oh well.
All I know is At 8am I must press play but I must have coffee if I am to decide
what the first track is going to be, I am not functioning as a Dj at this time.
I know I am going to start off with something mellow.
Everyone here has also just woken up and I am sure they all feel like me.
Why are we here?….well this is recruitment day for what will be the most exciting
thing to happen to Sydney’s nightlife in a long while….IVY.
And well they need cool people to open all those bottles of bubbly stuff.
Here are the first to grace the spot in front of the decks, otherwise known as the dancefloor.
It feels a bit surreal, like I am at an Ibiza opening weekend or something
Then the red bull girls show up, and now I’m up.
We also had a band and we cranked it up a tad.
alt='paulonthesax.jpg' />
Sunday was a lot more normal, I start at 4pm, which is more like it.
I find myself strolling down the street to play on the beach near my house.
The bar is called Henry Africas…and it’s a lovely day…
I am watching the waves, keeping the beat, and I played a balmy mix of sunshine house.
The crowd was small but very responsive, after a couple of hours of sitting and watching
the dj (not very exciting) suddenly something happened.
Two girls jumped up, then the whole room starting dancing (exciting)
add some live instruments and this could be the style of summer
We are back to play here on Sunday Dec 2 if your close pop down for a boogie why dont you