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Breast groupie of the year

Saturday, December 29th, 2007

Well I’m off to Bali to play under a palm tree…
have a wonderous new year and play safe folks
see you in 2008 coming to a sound system near you!!!
love Son of the Sea

Happy 2008 blissbombers

Friday, December 28th, 2007

The sun has finally decided to grace us here down under and my how the vibe it does change,
The light, the heat, and it’s almost time for Sydney to do her thing for the new year
I hope to see it still sunny when I return…
I am packing all my tunes for the tropics, namely Bali for some sultry beach gigs…
The records have all been ripped to cd so I can travel light, have some very long sets to do.
I much prefer the long set, nothing worse than having to stop when the groove is on!
Have a wonderful new year time my friends, love light peace and sunshine!
Hope to play for you many many times in 2008!
Love Son of the Sea ( SOS )

Partying possums

Sunday, December 9th, 2007

There was a rumour around that the dancefloor was being stalked
A little baby possum and her mother watching the funny people get down
Or was it the pizza they were after….
We got down until the speaker blew
The disco night had come to end, the tuscans rocked on the tunes this night,
I was having a go on the drums , but the good news is I will stick to playing records.
At the end I needed to eat so they found me and I helped out my new furry friends
mmmmmm……. Pizza


Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Lovely day, tunes blasting in the backyard getting us in the mood…
We are warming up for tonight, I try to behave because I have a five set…
Yeah right! How can I say no when the beer is cold and the pool is warm.
So I start early, I will be fine in time for the needle going on the record
Then the puff and I am gone floating away in the clouds, all is forgotten as I lay on the grass
The time ticks on and the clouds more around then…
At the predetermined time I grab the bike for the ride home, all down hill so the floating continues
A snapshot of Aussie beach culture flies past me
The dogs, seagulls, dudes in colorful flip flops. Lattes,Frisbees, wee the breeze is blowing.
The beauty of playing so close to home… I pass the club on the way for a look at the vibe
Henry Afrika… looks very groovy, home to get the records and a strong drink
The sun sets and we do our thing , the sound system is in the red
Beats by the beach and they come. they come to boogie.
I love this next picture…
Later in the night when the music has got everyone nice things can happen
I just got a new remix of the classic ‘Toca me’
It’s a test pressing…
so I was testing it when these two beautiful people found each other through the glass
They did their dance and I did the lighter thing, people cheered!
This is not a test record anymore, it’s A+ for me
See ya next Sunday x