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Malente Boat Party

Monday, January 28th, 2008

Happy Australia Day!!!
Probably the best thing you can do on such a beautiful day when you live in Sydney
is hit the harbour. And being a DJ this is without a doubt the best backdrop to spin
some tunes. So the first song is groove armada setting the scene
‘But I feel good…but I feel high’ because it’s perfect.
Early in the set we get the guys up on this ship groovin and that starts a chain reaction.
3 levels of boat floors going on with all manner of dance musics and much to my delight
I had the roof for 4 hrs with my mate Simon Bongo and a bottle of tequila to get into the vibe
After the sun went down we got into some great open air house tunes, the wind was blowing
and we had the roof packed. Soaring House that filled a balmy Sydney night and we were flying man. Then the bottle of TQ gets to the end I drop the last song as we slide under the bridge then…
Cue the fireworks… Thank you very much
Simon says … Yeah man!!!


Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008

Went to this party on the weekend and meet a DJ whose name I wish I caught.
This gentleman was the real deal. Not only was he spinning tunes that…
well rare is not the word, these were antique records man.
And the record box here is made in the 1950’s too. Check it out!!!
In an age of digitalism this man has refreshed my soul with his old records.
I asked him for his mobile but he said he didn’t have one…
no surprises there..God Bless you whoever you are.

I don’t like Cricket…

Friday, January 11th, 2008

Oh No ! …. I Love it !
So far this year is about great views from the decks…Here is last nights
A big stadium for a few beers a few tunes and a game of cricket.
Twenty20 cricket is a great way to give the game a different vibe.
Perfect for those who don’t have the time or the patience to watch five days of poking at the ball.
No No this is not what this game is about.
It is about the Slog, the Ding, The whack and the whalop,lift your head and go for the back rows
Batter up!

3Sunsets in Bali

Wednesday, January 9th, 2008

I came to see in the new year at a place called Karma.
The set starts by the pool, sweat is pouring
Are they really gonna dance in this heat?
Then it comes, the rain!!! Monsoon baby! It comes like a waterfall
All the balinese bringing buckets etc to protect the decks…while they danced!
In between getting electric shocks every time I touched the mixer I managed to play some tunes
Last Song of 07 - Bambeleo ( Gypsy Kings )
First Song of 08 - Rocket man rmix ( Elton John )
The next day I am at the villa recovering in the pool
The location of tonight’s sunset gig is just behind me here
We are perched on the cliffs near Uluwatu at the Namos beach club at Kandara
I feel like a superstar until the sun drops and shows us it’s magnificence
I am in awe and humbled to be giving this spectacle a soundtrack
This is the view from my Dj Booth ( no joke )
The bliss of sunset in our hearts I get in to some serious beach house to get the heart going
This place is set to become one of Asia’s hottest spots I would say…
Cliff top beach club with sunset infinity pool or jump on the cable car
and drop down to the white sand beach below with another bar on the oceans edge
Needless to say , I was in a happy place
Then next day it’s off to another place of places for Sunsets…Ku De Ta
Sexy beautiful people… sexy tunes and we all feel too cool for school.
Grab a daybed and watch the beach circus
The afternoon is chilled as the daylight begins to retire, kites flying
Then again house by the masters…
With Julius Papp behind the decks and look there on the dancefloor getting ready for a go…
Mister Miguel Migs. oh yes this is very cool
Bali is a very special place… See you there again ( SOS )