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Back on the FM

Tuesday, February 19th, 2008

Well it was a little break from the radio, and yes I missed it…the drive across town,
what will I play first hmmm yes I know what then.I must have played five different
shows in my head by the time I get to Bondi FM.Then as always the plan goes out
the window with the sea breeze.And drifts down to the beach kinda like how the songs
in my head find their way onto to peoples radio’s and into their Sundays.
At The beach. In the Car. Mixing with the smell of the sun tan. The burning bbq.
Beats droppin, waftin, crusin, Two hours fly by… Good news is I record so I can remember
what I play. Thats why I love it so much. Unrehearsed tunes just choosing themselves.
My next LIVE show will March 2..Sunday 2-4 pm ( Bondi time )
This is me with the ever groovy Sound Influence Boys who are playing at Melt.
The party is called Better Days . Fri 29 FEB … Melt. Kings Cross Sydney. It will be good.

Australia takes a big step forward

Thursday, February 14th, 2008

Today my friends has been a great day. Our Prime Minister has formally said
Sorry to the Indigenous people of this land. Sorry for many wrongs from many years ago.
I hit the road early to get to one of the big ceremonies in town and from the first breath
You could feel something in the air stirring. Maybe the Spirit, maybe just the wind.
But as I drove over the Harbour Bridge with the Flag of the yellow sun flying proud
I felt some Spirit moving indeed,the volume on the radio was up!
Nine AM… broadcast over the whole country live from Parliament was the most
magnificent five minutes of Didgeridoo playing that would have moved anyone.
It was a special beginning to a special day.
I hope the world can see us today, a day when politics took a serious back seat
To a common Human decency, dignity,respect and Love.
We have done something very special here in Australia today!
This land was your land and you said welcome…
I am eternally thankful to be of this land.
Thankful and respectful.

I am The Doctor… Please report to the dancefloor

Tuesday, February 12th, 2008

It’s the music of the earth
The music of the sun and stars
The music of yourself
The vibrations are different
Not like planet earth