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The next day is Sunday

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

And I wake up about twenty meters from where I deejayed last night at the after party.
Can you blame me…. nice view but how did I get here??? Oh yes There was a sunrise
there was some floating in the sea and we could have ended up at Uluwatu but no
common sense prevailed… Slowly the daybed begins to stir.
There was some activity behind me in the beach club as they were getting ready
for next party as I burst out and run down to the sea, then
amble up and put a CD on… Classic. I didn’t end up leaving the beach for 24 hours.
So to the sunset we go and this I think could be my favorite spot for awhile to come.
As I played and we started up again we had a photo shoot going on… Check out the next
issue of GQ with Christie Hinze on the cover. That cover was shot five meters from the decks
But all that aside, the view from here was special…
Then I had had enough and slid a long long tune in the player and had myself a moment
Ahhhh. Sunset. Bintang. Adios Karma. Adios Bali.

Monster Party in Bali

Tuesday, March 18th, 2008

So the night begins here… sunset as 500 very excited people rock
in to Kandara on the cliff top. I decide a bit of earthing is in order
and chill with the sunset.Everyone knows and trusts we will get there
to lift off roofs and blow away storm clouds that are starting to light the
sky out to sea, so for now we chill as the sun goes down.
In between chilling and cutting loose there was a dancing Ganesh.
There was a supermodel,a belly dancer,drums,didge and all manner of musos.
Then I found the chill out rooftop and there was a chillum to smoke….perfect!
Back just in time to play the fire show….Sexytimes
Then two of my favorite moments,the mermaid gets bought in and dropped in the pool
and the fire lanterns lift off behind me and into the gulf stream to ‘my weakness’ by Moby
Then in anticipation for what everyone knows is the real main event, the after party
down on the beach they begin to descend and leave the me on the top.
Wow there’s a moment to breathe… and smoke of course.
Then it’s my turn to descend the 120 mtrs in the cliff descender. Talk about getting a boost,
lightening out to sea and nothing but air below me and the beats rising up.
I am ready… the local deejay Helme has got everyone gagging for it which makes my job easy…’Fly with me to the sun, good vibrations everyone.’ And the place goes off. YES !

Flight to Bali

Thursday, March 13th, 2008

Over the red earth into the clouds and onto the island of the gods…Bali
As promised here is my list of songs to listen to on a plane ambient cloud mix
1 Early - CHICANE
2 Seven days and one week ( sindaar remix) - BBE
3 Greece 2000 (moonwatchers mix) - THREE DRIVES
4 God moving over the face of the waters - MOBY
5 Time out from the world - GOLDFRAPP
6 Navigator (part 1) - JOSE PADILLA
8 Sacred cycles (healing mix) - PETE LAZONBY
9 Lazy moon - GROOVE ARMADA
10 Pinsharp - CITY REVERB
11 Shine on you crazy diamond - PINK FLOYD

And on I float … on and on and on
now to put away the chillout hat for I’ve a monster of a party to prepare for…

full moon Byron

Thursday, March 6th, 2008

A weekend in Byron Bay for the big moon is always a big time,
and with a big party or two sleep goes on a holiday as well.
But first the drive up.
My drive tracklist ( highlights )
1. Belfast - Orbital (three times in a row, can’t believe I let this go to the back of the pile)
2. 3 drives on vinyl - Oakenfold
3. Passion - Gat Decor
4. La noche - Coca & Villa
5. Into the sun (riva remix) - Weekend players
6. Synaesthesia - The thrillseekers
7. Submariner - Axwell
8. Dreams - Deep Dish vs Eurythmics
9. Riding the waves - Sunfreaks
10. Insomnia - Faithless
Arrivo Baby……. Dance music is on hold as we go acoustic… Moon comes
Sunday Stroll Bangalow style, Talofa is a nice place to wear funny hats.
At the Giant tree I meet a sleepy python.
Then its time to point the car south again, for the drive home it’s chill out tracks
like the b side is the return, same same but different.
Next time I will have a air plane tracklist for you , lots of cloud moments x