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Porchini Dreaming

Wednesday, June 25th, 2008

My first Porchino, found whilst walking in the forest.
A little rice, vino bianco , and … Buonissimo!
Bravo Bimbo!!!


Marocco Flashback

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

I Love to see photos a few days or even weeks after the event
The memories came flooding back..’Reach Out for Me.. Reach Out’
I wanted to share it with you… you know what I mean.
What a space to be in … to play music, or just to be there.
What a space to command…A privilege to be at the music controls.
Outside these walls.. nothing but sahara man and only stars above… blissbomb baby!
Incredible.. like to-nights game.. Turkey gets up in the Euro.
Never seen anything like it. A goal in the last second of extra time to go to penalties.


Wednesday, June 18th, 2008

The old Tuscan city of Barga is first stop to see some friends
and to see about a gig on the beach later in the summer.
Italy is to be home for the next two months and of course some challenges…
Like how to not put on ten kilos eating all this incredible food…. Madonna!
Some serious dancing behind the decks is called for… That should do the trick.
The door is open summer is just around the corner bring the noise of the discotecca!

Here is an old Toscano for good measure… he is here since before the crusades
Viva Italia!

Rock the Kasbah

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

This is my purpose on earth here…
my reason for being out in the middle of the sub sahara
To Rock the Kasbah!!!
And what a nice Kasbah it is!
The building is made from the red earth on which it stands
The Dj gear is from a dude in town…
simple but effective..the speakers are old..big ol wooden things that weigh a tonne
The amp…even older ( and it did have a spit ) but it was in the middle of the feast so thats okay.
I had to open her up and when I did sand came out red desert sand and I thought we were done
But no…she came back online and man did it ever sound sooo good.
Surrounded by the earthy courtyard with nothing but stars above… perfect sound all night long!
I get lost in the hubbly bubbly and everyone else gets lost in the dance.
It was a great gig One of the highlights of the year so far
I wish you could have been there.
Unfortunately my camera died after the sunset
but everyone was snapping away so I will get some of the lasers in the sand.
here is a few shots from early in the set.
The Rythym section ( traditional Berber drums )
The next door neighbours
The berber prince on the camel bass ( he stayed all night )
Makes you wanna move… your dancin feet

These people help organise one of the biggest festivals on Earth…’The Burning Man’ so you can imagine the feeling
To Rock this one!!!! I celebrated in the haze of another smoke and the sunrise over the desert and
after having kept up the goats for the whole night it was time to get some zzzzzzzz’s

The town Aladdin left behind

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

‘I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name…
felt good to be out of the rain’
200 km west of the red city you get to this place and it’s a fantasy…
Essaouria and the setting sun but this is still not the gig
I will find out tomo where and to whom I am to play.
The locals I ask have never heard of the place…mysterious…
but they give me something funny to smoke so it’s okay really…
I’m sure they will find me because they haven’t flown me all this way for nothing… have they???
The sun goes down and I relax…R….E…L…A…X….
I will get out to this big gig in the middle of nowhere but not today… today I float around town
phone does not work…internet does not work…mind works in funny circles
It almost gets to the point where I wonder If I have forgotten how to deejay…almost
Just put on the headphones tomo and go through this door Shane
It will all be fine… Just Trust the drum…
and the man with no teeth who will come to drive me out to the desert with my cd’s
And so I sleep in the Bizarre Bazaar

The road to Essaouria

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

I have come to Marocco to take a magic carpet ride to the west coast
To a town called Essaouria… but first I have to get through Marrakesh
and it’s never ending beat of African drums that go on and on into the night
and take me to dreamland
The way the truth the light the drum…
The way is west and a big desert gig awaits…. and I am promised they will dance
But first to get through this heady town of smells and sounds. This addictive Africa town…