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I am on

Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

on the plane on the train,
on a trip into bliss.
The next stop is sunset.
The Balearics.
Ibiza Eivissa Ibeefa
Catch you on the flipside.
check ( two of my gigs are live on the radio Thurs7th 5pm and Sunday10th 11am IBIZA TIME)

Arrividerci Italia

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

So much to miss… The Ciao, un bacio, pronto.
Stracchino, Porchino, Vino… tutto buonissimo.
Bella Bambina , enjoy your pizza!
Il musica magnifica, stai tranquila.
Benissimo, silencio, certo, piano io arrivo!
Buzzing on the vespa, raising the roof of the discoteca
Che bella sorpresa!
Ciao Ciao gracie mille arrividerci!
I will now disappear for awhile in Ibiza… look to the sunset and I will be there
looking right back
Lots of Love
X Shane

The south of France

Saturday, July 19th, 2008

Sometimes in life all does not work in the way and with the timing we desire.
And when we are faced with the crossroad we can go only one way
If we go left… what of the right. what could have been.
But as I go up into the hills to visit my friend on an olive farm
and the great mistral wind arrives as I do… I know it is good.
Left has worked well… next time I will go right and then who knows
But siting in a tree that has existed and produced some of the best olive oil in France
for over a thousand years I know it doesn’t really matter.
This tree has outlived many many people who have had great lives
I think all that matters is that we enjoy the time we have
And that in each moment we feel it as deep as possible.
Thank you old tree for the lesson… Thank you old friend.

chill out gigs are great

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

Moving a little further south to chill with the people on the sand…
one of my favourite gigs to play. The tempo and pressure of the dancefloor is gone.
Here the rules are different. There are no rules. If it sounds right, play it man.
On the beach almost anything sounds good if it is played with the right intention.
Ah the beach… the cool breeze, the hot sun, the happy faces.
It is the same everywhere you go. People are happy, people are relaxed.
And easy to play music to.
I would be happy to play music here forever. In this place.
But the winter is not so good, so Australia is better from that point of view.
We are so lucky us Aussies and we don’t know it at all. There is the difference.
But I FEEL lucky today. I AM lucky. Does it show?
All chilled up and ready to go

summer in Italia

Saturday, July 5th, 2008

The weekend begins in the club. I arrive at the predetermined time of midnight…
And it’s dead…but don’t worry it will be full. I am skeptical.
Sure enough the music starts up and 1000 thousand people are at the door.
Then before a few mixes the floor is full. No warm up.. just dance…now.
Italians wait till almost the end and then explode on the dance floor. Strange.
They must get liquored up somewhere else before they arrive.
And of course the next day the sea washes it all away.
Sun. Sea. Sunset and suntans and at the heart of it, we all just need a little sex.
A little Love and acceptance… we are not so different us humans.