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a day on the beach

Monday, August 25th, 2008

At the end of a long dusty road and a ride out over the salt pans
You can find yourself at Salines beach…as i did a few times.
There at the end of the beach is the Sa Trinxa bar.
Tucked away to the side is a small little room.
This is from where the magic comes.
Inside the room is a man wearing headphones and a smile.
Jonathan provides the sound for the beach as he has done for 15 years.
He has a record collection second to none and people come back ever year to visit his music.
Sharing the players with him I am asking again and again…
what is that tune man!??.Some are coming back with me for your listening pleasure.
The deejays deejay in the zone…
Will this be me in twenty years still groovin on the beach somewhere… quite possibly.
A day at the beach is a most wonderful relaxing experience indeed
but add good music and it becomes something else altogether.
It becomes Bliss.

cala conta Ibiza

Saturday, August 23rd, 2008

Well for two weeks I have been living on a cliff with a man called mister Zen,
A place known for its sunsets and real Ibiza vibe.
The ocean is crystal and somebody is always playing music.
I even put down a few Sunset DJ sets from the car radio of the merc.
Mixing impossible but it always more important to be a good selector anyway.
I have become one with this cliff but all good things…
must change into other good things I say.
And after becoming a salt encased wild man how about a tree change.
a 300 year old Ibecencan villa should do the trick!!!
Welcome to the real Ibiza… best served chilled

good music weekend

Friday, August 22nd, 2008

Both played and listened to… shared and given and safe to say…
We all dug it…again and again.
The beach played its role again.On the airwaves and out into the blue water.
Live from Playa D’en Bossa Ibiza. Oh How I do like the radio.
So far things are pretty chilled over here for me but I don’t mind.
Especially sharing the vibes with two of the most famous faces on the island
This is Pikes Hotel with Jonathan Sa Trinxa and Lenny Ibizarre…
the Sunday breakfast club and we got down. These guys are cool cats.
After we go find the most famous guitar player around and get down some more.
This is the legendary Paco Fernandez.
enjoy the music