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Moon Safari 09

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009

Houston we are a go here. DJ Shane & DJ Yaniv… we have lift off
On a balmy night in Manly, the blissbomb crew helped me take a crowd up up and away.
Under a clear bright moon they came to dance.
This is the Guerilla party of 2009.
After sunset we bought in the gear while 30 people waited patiently sshhhhh.
Fingers crossed as the beats got louder and the crowd grew to over a hundred.
Is the sound travelling…are the cops coming…is that a helicopter over there???
As we passed 2 am it became apparent that it was only us tonight in the know.
At the end of a long set we faded it down and disappeared back into the bush as the sun came up.
Nobody was the wiser, only we knew that it ever even had happened.
Thats one small step for a man.
One giant leap for the blissbomb crowd.

preparing to go to the moon

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Wow it’s been a few weeks now since I got on the blog…
apologies but wow 2009 is a real in your face kinda year.
It seems so very fast but yeah we say that every year.
So moving right along.
As you can imagine with going to the moon a lot of supplies need to be packed.
And thats what I’ve been doing in between gigging compiling mixing.
My Fav thing to do.
Collecting the music… new tunes are like new days.
I feel refreshed by them.
For a long journey is coming on the weekend…..
The next secret blissbomb gig to the moon.
And I’m excited by it all again.
Balmy nights grace us again.
Time to boogie