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arty farty

Wednesday, May 27th, 2009

Random city art. Sydney one Tuesday.
A tree made of tissues.
Art…or functional.
Maybe we really need these to sprout up so we can blow our noses on them as we walk around.
Stop the spread of all these nasty animal flu types.
And tucked away behind the buildings…a giant egg.
Art…or just a good place to start a family.

Day out of time

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

The day presents us with it’s choice…
in there is the studio with it’s rhythms and melodies
and outside the slowly setting and last of the summer sun.
The speakers come outside before we have even finished the choosing,
A cold beer manifests, friends are called, the music is turned up.
And we begin to bop about the yard throwing heavy little silver balls around.
Some people with more normal type jobs call days like these ’sickies’ here in Oz.
But you don’t really have to be sick to have them.
For us deejays they are a rest from the headphones.
A chance to take the music outside and to open our minds.
Winter comes and it is time to go into the studio,
make the music and mix the summer down.