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the bower rest

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

For everything there is a season and for every season there is an action.
Here in winter not all is bad. The sun still shines and all is quiet at my local cafe.
But the time has come to go inside the soul, to recharge, to re invigorate the musical creativity.
The good thing is that so much good music pops out at this time thanks to the party season in Europe.
Already the little boxes full of tunes are arriving at my house.
It’s always important to hear new music, and not just for us deejays!
New music and rest is on my menu for the season.
So there is time to stroll down to get the coffee and feel the water.
Then its to the studio make the summer music while I can feel it.
Winter Sydney style with summer deepdown in my heart.
Take some time. Go better