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A manly summer ahead

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

I am back in town. Manly beach Sydney comes the summer.
As always at this time of the year I head to the balcony to share the new tunes
with my friends in readiness for the summer season. This guy flew in to say hello,
he likes Bossa Nova. I love how the new season reflects itself in the tunes.
New season, new place , new vibe. By keeping it new always I still get the stoke,
when I hear, when I share…
This is our place in the world to enjoy and we are very lucky.

Afternoon delight

Friday, September 11th, 2009

‘Slip into something more comfortable’
A long Sunday lunch of seafood, then a small fun wave.
A sunset. A BBQ. Dreams of the road ahead.
The big city summer I head back to.
But still here and now I float in time with not a care.
Soon the bank will run low and life will call me back into the race.
We make plans, we live life, and through it all we are just us and who we love.