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My radio in your room

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Some great news in… The Blissbomb radio show can now be listened to every
week right here on my website. Just go to the ‘listen’ page. I will upload the
show every week. So now if your out and about on Sunday afternoons you won’t
ever miss out…. happy listening friends! Spread the Love around to if you feel it.
The more the merrier. And If you happen to be in Bondi on Sundays you can also
come in to the new Bondifm Cafe/Bar and listen to the show live and in person.
Bondi fm is located at 143 Curlewis St one block back from Campbell Parade.
I am there from 2-4pm.
Heres one from the archives to get you started… enjoy

Blissbomb- May09 by Shanesos on Mixcloud

Senore Baute and the lost brigade

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

So to the weekend…A character from Venetian 15th century takes me again
on a journey to the underworld. A chance to go behind the mask for us all.
I am in the middle with the Usual suspects…
This was a party of the best kind, where everyone leaves the old person
behind at home and goes for it. Nobody knows who you are, what you do
and nobody cares for that matter. It’s fantasy, and that’s what makes going
out to nightclubs really exciting. The music used to be all it took. Then we
added drugs. Now more effort is required to lose ourselves. But we get Lost.
I saw. god wander into the middle of the dancefloor and bang a staff on the
ground in time to the music… and god was a woman… with a long beard.
I saw Saddam dancing with out a care in the world, only to lift up his mask
throw down a jack and coke, then shove the mask back down and Rock on.
Centaurs forcing their way to the bar. A dj with a stuffed fox around his neck..
and a vampire telling him off for having a dead animal on display. She must
have forgot she was a blood sucking creature of the night. Just for a moment.
And I keep my mask on all the while until we get back into the cab. I learnt to
smoke and drink like they must have done back in Venice 500 hundred years ago.
It was such a refreshing night to be a part of. So if I may say this to you only,
leave your ego at home, go out, let go, feel it. Thats really the point of Music.
Mask or no Mask. My co producer Steve and I out of the studio and feeling the vibe.
They call me Senore Baute. I am nobody in particular and everyone at once. Faceless.

the week that was

Tuesday, October 20th, 2009

Quite a few gigs this week and I am feeling the busy life of the city DJ get me.
Took my lads over to Bondi to a launch party on Tuesday night, heres the view.
It felt very summery, was a Latin theme and my new friend and London import
Dj Koolade got the warm vibes flowing ala Salinas beach. We both are of the
Jon Sa Trinxa school of dj’s, so we worked well together…Cheers uncle Jon!
Then I had to come and give it a kick in the pants. Tuesday night is always
gonna be a tough call but my Drummer ( simon ) and the very very sexy
Brazilian dancers worked hard and got the dance floor open for business.
So Tuesday went like a friday. But at one stage of the night there were more
cameras than people, but thats just like, so Bondi, sweetheart. X
And here I have to show you my DJ table at Thursday nights re launch of a very
groovy bar that two of my friends have just bought in Manly. I may play there
regularly soon so keep your eyes open here if your coming over this way.
The bar is called InSitu. I felt like i was back in New York. Cool.
Then there was the weekend… whew! I will wait for a photo to tell you about that.

Sunday routine

Monday, October 12th, 2009

First things first…. after all I am a Dj… and before Sunday there is Saturday.
Okay that’s better ready to join the human race. As I’m sure many of you know
on Sundays I do the radio over at Bondifm. This will be summer number 7.
There is something very addictive about this show of mine that I cant really put
my finger on. But I am going to try here now. There is always a slight lack of
sleep to deal with (hence the mud like coffee) but I guess that’s all part of the
show. With the show being in Bondi Beach I must cross Sydney Harbour and
this may surprise you but I really dig my time in the car floating across,
looking at all the faces beside me, all the Sunday heads. All off somewhere
that’s not work so it’s really quite a diverse group. Somewhat less robotic
than a monday morning. And I dont drive much so it’s nice to listen to what
I think I might play on the show. But it’s off the cuff so really I have no idea
what the shows like till I’m in it. Then the studio. The new Cafe radio station.
Over the 7 years of this show the decks have been on the beach, at the markets,
on a roof, a balcony, sometimes even a studio. But now I am in a coffee shop.
But with a real studio with smart microphones and all. So the next coffee is just
right there and sometimes the chill out balearic Ibiza style show turns house music.
And the coffee changes into something cold and amber and bubbly.
So turn on the radio or come down to the bondifm cafe for a brew or a brew!!!
All the INFO is on the GIGS page. Happy sunday to us all.

Sydney long weekend

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

After a most spectacular week here in the harbour city…sunshine & warmth,
Friday brings the call. Here comes the rain right on que…
must be a long weekend. But not too worry, I hardly get to notice it.
After a bit of an Hiatus from the decks in town I am back with blast.
Four gigs three days…but because I bring Ibizaness I get to go early.
Fine by me….lights… decks…deephouse!
First gig set the vibe, drink, move on.Second gig, set the vibe,drink.
Sleep, eat, set the vibe, drink. City. Rain. More rain.
Birdcages… no really… birdcages… with bird noises coming from somewhere.
Set the vibe. Drink. Dance. Sleep… a little.
Monday comes… Monday lovely Monday, the day of no obligations as we like to call it.
But not this monday… oh no… no TV for me tonight. The people have not had enough yet.
But I have… and I go all chilled, playing for my own head and funny enough…
They love it, after all we are all in the same boat.
The word goes out… Two hours becomes six.
Set the vibe… drink water… then a beer… another… then cocktails. Dance music.
I end up kicking on like I am a sucker for it, which I am.
I love it. Then its Tuesday.
Game over… until next long weekend.