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Album coming…slowly but smoothly

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

After many years of playing other peoples music, it’s good to be making our own.
Yes Sir… good but the reward is slow to come, it’s like going from driving a ferrari
where the gratification throws you back in the seat, to jumping on a horse and
trotting along at whatever speed the animal tells you to go. But when we get
stuck there is always the bar fridge, the ukalelle and the pause from the doof doof
boom boom and my personal favourite…the whoosh. It’s dance music with soul.
Here we go…. Peacock and Barnes, the group still searching for a name,
but not for a sound… for the sound is in us.

The decks are on the decks out on the deck!

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

A humble little party to play at with a small but very clued into the music crowd.
Guys like this are always a pleasure to play for. Thanks Dan for the decks.
It has been quite sometime since I last packed a case of vinyl, so I had to dust
off the old records… literally, I had a mad case of hay fever for the first half of
my set. But the sea air always does the trick. Oh yes and there was plenty of
that here. I was supposed to do a Balearic set for the sunset and luckily I packed
some old piano House as well because I couldn’t get off the decks all night.
Luckily I got a feed in. The Butcher In Freshwater is famous for his Irish snags.
I concur. Sausage +Mustard + Onions + Chutney = mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Fuel to get down.

Mixing summer in Sydney

Sunday, November 8th, 2009

I have been busy in two studios of late. One doing dj mixes which are done,
and one doing an album, which is far from it. So lets talk about the first…
I was telling someone that I mix to whales jumping…they didn’t believe me.
Let me show you what I mean. This is my humble flat where I put my decks.
The rental with the millionaires view. To my Friends in Bali… (told you)
The tunes flowed… pumping in the sennheisers and the Mobys have been
everywhere lately, I’ve never seen so many in a season. Go you whales!
I don’t make demos anymore I have decided, so as result I am going deeper,
playing what I feel. My Mixes are not to get me work, they are not trying to prove
anything anymore they are for ME to express where I am at with my music.
They are for YOU to take you somewhere nice and sunny and absolutely rocking!
I may not ever be famous but I WILL be somewhere playing the music I want to play,
Hopefully somebody will still be listening…. and dancing.
Now the mixes are done, and I can see a surfboard with my name on it.
Summer is just around the corner. The radio is going strong… Thankyou Bondi,
(you to can Listen right here on my website.) The demos are printed, and ready to post.
And I am very stoked about producing an Album with the very talented Mister Peacock.
Roll on Summer Roll on!!!