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bye bye 2009

Monday, December 28th, 2009

We say it with a beach party, we say it with lots of prawns on the back deck
then a spot of groovy tunes to help dance them through.Our spot beckons…
This is a small deserted beach in the middle of the city on my side of the bay
where we sometimes go to play music and dance on the sand. Sometimes
people come to tell us to leave and sometimes we stay till sun up. I think
the risk of getting caught makes it all the more exciting, just like other
outdoor pursuits.
And this is my buddies very small but how cute setup he bought in Japan
many moons ago. Pioneer always ahead of the curve.Works very well too.
We got it going for a bit of a christmas boogie!
Now my friends I wish you a very groovy end to 2009, as you saygoodbye to the ox
in your own way welcome in the year of the tiger. grrrrrrrr
I will be up at peats ridge playing tunes, floating down the river, dancing in the dirt
and generally getting very loose I imagine. Catch you on the flipside! SoS.

sometimes I get the best gigs I swear

Wednesday, December 9th, 2009

So many records so much time, I have been a gig whore last week.
I had such a week of big ones….and throw in the ARIA awards… I almost stood
on Molly Meldrums little dog, I was so star struck…sorry Molly what can I say.
I was trying for Hello Molly, who knew to look down for the Dog.. ooops
But anyway I had to pick myself up on a Saturday morning for today I need to
play at a big house and I need to take everything. Decks, PA, music, etc etc
did I mention it is 38 degrees…. But I am so excited because I know it will
be exceptional sound in an exceptional location. All I need is a table for the decks.

These are my decks…on the barbie. Thanks Paul but I am gonna throw another Tune
on the Barbie…you keep the shrimp. Perfect. It may look like I am in the bush
but I am ten minutes from the city on Sydney Harbour. They have another BBQ
which is fired up…and the cold beer arrives, the tunes go on and the promoter
settles down in the sweet spot and floats away.weeee.. Ken and Manu get into it.

After Five solid gigs in three days I settle down to play music on my own
sound system and it sounds so sweet… really. I start super chilled, go groovy
and just as we thought it couldn’t be possible, we are all dancing…
I sweat and smile it all out. Addicted to Music.