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closing party

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Sunday Sunset Session Closing Party!!!! It’s been grand thanks to all involved.
Martinis and Balearic feelings…. Get down..see you Sunday X

hey hey it’s Saturday

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

An altogether envigorating night that often goes on and on into the wee small hours.

My residency at In Situ lounge bar just keeps getting better every week. I love that…
This Saturday I decide it’s been way too long since I have put on a record, so out
comes the feather duster and I pack a box of vinyl. The old tunes still sound so good
and people react to the music like an old friend they haven’t seen in ages, which is
like how it is given that nobody seems to play vinyl anymore…Shame it is.
I promise myself I will do it much more often while there is still turntables in the odd venue.
Even that will become rarer and rarer.
After that It’s Wam Bam thank you mam off to the other side of town to lift a warehouse to the moon.
I put on the mask in a distant back street and follow the muffled beats into a large room
full of smiling faces, sound and light. They were ready for me…my old crew of circus folk.
‘Ladies and gentlemen….welcome to the tunnel…I’M YOUR DEEJAY’ -first track.
The people go woooooo but have taken a step back…it’s loud and big.
Remove mask mix in Filtered electro beats… BOOM. Its a stampeed to the decks
and we dance till six. The Sound was warm and a crowd who just needed to let go
made for the perfect night. I walked out of there at 6 feeling like I was walking
on the moon I was so high, naturally. The masked Senore took me on a trip again.
The sun comes streaming through the Fog as I cross the harbour bridge.
Moby on the stereo in all his ambient glory. Music is my answer.