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the new Mixes…and more sign action

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

How to go about the new mix set??? I wonder again. Some come smooth…
Normally the process begins in front of the lap top, headphones on.
Search the world for the tracks, the new inspiration, which is what I am
doing on this sunny day.Then the tracks and I go out for a couple of weeks.
Out live you learn so much more about the music as it’s out of it’s element.
it’s out there in the random world world of people in bars, dancing in clubs
and sunset spliffs on friends balconies.
Here you find the way to put it together, how it breathes in the real world.
Having narowed the field down it’s time to get some uninterupted time in
the studio to take the journey and for each mix it’s a different experience.
Some take coffee, some take tea. And the lounge ones need a good Vino.
The dance mix….This perhaps is the biggest challenge of all, as in most
cases nobody is dancing. (I have a small studio)
In my last apartment as I am sure some of you are aware I could see the
whales migrating and jumping and splashing off the coast of Sydney right
from the decks….We rocked out quite a few Dj mixes together.
But all is ever changing ever evolving and here we go again to get down.
The new set for Ibiza. 4 Discs of you know what…bliss.
Music is the answer.
Oh and while we are talking about funny signs…
beware of beret wearing carpark loitering wine breath car thieves.
Of course.

A long set and some funny signs part 2

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Sometimes when I pack for a set I must devote a little thought to what I put in the bag.
When I lugged Vinyl back in the day this was quite a process and it took a lot of time,
limited to only a box of records, the choices I made in the afternoon could make or break
the night. But how to pack for an EIGHT hour set?? That’s easy… just take everything.
Thankfully I am on a pair of CD players these days, and we did Lounge then Latin…
then some Soul & Funk, moved onto the Disco, Space Disco and Deep House..then I passed out
on the piano because echoing the music I did… Champagne, Mojito, Tequila, Champagne more
Champagne and some deep glasses of beer. And blow me down the night went really quick, the hangover
however did not. But really this is a groovy new little bar thats opened called The Space and thanks
to the government easing the red tape on live music we should see more like this in Sydney,
which is great for me and great for the music scene and of course great for you, the listening public.
I did as well lay down a few hooks on the piano to go with the house which luckily not many people
could hear but I had to you dig. Technology on the base of antiquity, also note the other antique in
the picture, my trustee Nokia the best I have ever owned, actually this is still my first one ha ha!
If it aint broke why fix it right…I just wish It would hurry up and break so I can get an Iphone.
Also I went away for the week up the coast and found a sign. Swimming in the ocean
here is quite treacherous and well rather amusing at the same time so be carefull folks…
and would you buy anything off this man??? Business name fail… good luck F*cko!