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Mini Moog and not so mini Alps

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Circa 1972 and the sound….Wow so deep and analogie boogie boogie boogie!!!

So this Son of the Sea tries his hand at mountain climbing, it would have been no
problem had they put some o2 in the air up here I felt like a fish gulping on the
beach. But although there was a slow walk to the top we had stopped in France to buy
the lunch supplies (a very very good move).Probably the best sandwhich I have ever
had the pleasure of eating so high above the valley below, and the evian…well you know.
Going down was made easier with the red French mountain water…most easily we go
down. It’s time for me to go and breathe deep, breathe some sea air…time to jet to Ibiza.
Ciao Italia……IBiza Calling…..I will keep the Blog and the tunes flowing for you X SoS.


Monday, August 30th, 2010

The eagle has landed in Italy so the eagle jumps on the scooter and straight to the sea…
Bingo Arrivo! Best cure for a long flight is the sea for sure.The Eagle knows.
The First night the moon was full and high above the shore we put on the music,
sunset music that warms up for the night ahead, for the big drive to the beach club.
A good chance to try out the eagles new DJ mixes in a land far far away.
Aperitivo on the terrace and here she comes…La Luna Piena!
Now to try the Italian beach party last night at the end of August can they party, can they dig it??
The eagle thinks so…not bad for 3 thousand cocktail drinking very dressed up and tanned
Regazzi… And with the moon and the sea air dancing on the sand is more intoxicating than any
Vodka based beverage or DJ could ever deliver I think. This is Club Suerta somewhere near Alassio.
The eagle lands well here in Italia.

Ibiza on the radar…

Saturday, August 28th, 2010

Finally the discs are recorded burned printed….Musical love for Ibiza.
I am almost ready to go at this stage here (packing clothes can wait )
but before I get the plane I have a little bit of Ibiza spilling from my box
In Australia to say thank you to my weekly crowd and the staff for keeping
me well lubricated every Saturday night at my local.
This Is In Situ as we start to get the vibe going…after this the next thing
I remember is being 40 000 feet above the earth with a very nice airplane
hangover…but is was worth it! Indeed it was.. see you Aussies in October.
Watch this space in the meantime…Ibiza Calling!

Ibiza calling

Wednesday, August 18th, 2010

To the Sunset chaps… Ibiza calls and I answer.Music is my reason. The reason.
I hope wherever I go, there will be music playing in the air.Music and hope,
they go hand in hand. I hope you are enjoying some music in your life and even
if You are not in Ibiza…IbiZa can be in you.
I am sending the vibes to you, hope you dig it.
LOts more coming… stay grooved

Ibiza 2010- Beach Daze (Part2) Dj Shane by Shane on Mixcloud