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Arriving Home…its been a long journey

Sunday, February 13th, 2011

Driving away into the sky as I set sights on a new reality…Coming back home.
The journey as I said was a long one with lots of sunsets, roadtrips, dance parties.
There were festival sets, NYE , new car, more roadtrips, lots of new music and much studio time.
Why did I wait so long to write??? Still dont have the answer to that but I am home now.
There is an album locked away inside of Electric Zeus and that is taking shape and becoming
exciting. Album cover…???
It took Steve and I over a year to come up with a name for us so we have time for this detail.
But the music will come first and I will begin to write of the making of…bla bla if that interests anyone?
And to my thoughts on life, music, coming home from such a life changing journey….
You will have to wait a little longer. I have a festival to prepare for!
If you are going to Playground Weekender chances are you will be listening with me.
I will be playing everyday in the tepee village and the sets will be broadcast live
on Bondi FM - the official radio of the Festival…88fm for the campers…. for the rest of the world.
17 - 20 FEB - live from Wisemans Ferry Australia. listen in and drop me a line.
Stay tuned I am back. Big Love X Shane