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February looking back

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

Or a month in Sydney for the last month of summer…. its been emotional!
It seems all the festivals Sydney has around this time are not enough for some and
I have seen and been able to DJ at so many house\beach\warehouse\backyard doos.
This I might also add is the most fun I think can be had as a DJ, everyone is one Gang
and very together on so many more levels already, even before the party has begun.
This makes hands go up and go up often. I have had a fun time!!! Dont go Summer…Ever!
Then there was Playground…oooooooooo.Those that were there know,
and those that have been before have a good idea. It was a big party!
There were many highlights and the only downer was my gang didn’t win the group dress up.
We were the deck of cards and there was fifty six of us…
YES…4 jokers.
NO…I was not one of them!
For the record I was the Ace of Clubs and it seems this has become a sort of calling
card\talisman that you may see hanging off my mixer in future gigs. So now you know.
To the highlights here they are\were and I hope you caught some of them.
Damian Lazurus…. deep and slower than I expected but he rocked it so well and so consistently
poor Norman Jay didn’t know how to top him. Best set in Ages.
Ewan Pearson….took us on a journey and as he is such a good producer of quality sounds the only
place to be was right in front of the Function 1’s(left ear left channel,right ear right channel=mindblowing!)
Fourtet… Quality minimal sounds. Sticking to the minimal theme I will leave it at that.
Derek Carter… I was playing in another place at this time so missed him but I heard all the comments.
He rocked it! No doubt.
Roy Ayers smile…Kool and the Gangs hot buttered cheese on toast sooo Kool.
Club Tropicana for always rocking and groovin and of Course the Tepee Village.
Onwards and Upwards see you next year wiseman.