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Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Benefits Also referred to as anthropological vision, Philosophical anthropology is seen as a self-discipline created for studying and providing answers to the multitude of things rotating round the man person, metaphysics and phenomenology and social romantic relationships from citizens. It specifically borrows from biological anthropology, social-social anthropology, and health related anthropology making its concentration principally towards the limits and advantages for each. This essay should certainly check sincerely through the two major options of philosophical anthropology these would be the handle of Ernst Cassier as well contact of Helmuth Plessner. A.Solution of Ernst Cassier (Animal Symbolicum) research Dog symbolcium can be a meaning of individuals created and proposed by Ernst Cassier in philosophical anthropological. By it, he described a individual as the rationale animal, which can be, animal rationale. However, he further described man as having outstanding characteristics and insisted that these characteristics are not in his physical or metaphysical nature but in the different works he does. Human nature cannot be known in a direct manner but rather known through the critical analysis of the universe that man has symbolically created throughout his history, according to this approach. That he defines man as a symbolic animal, that is, symbol making, it is because of this.

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Borrowing made by this solution, philosophical anthropologists aim to appreciate the mother nature herself of individuals by critically evaluating the many symbolic styles which one can find in the you can get elements in individual enjoy (McLaughlin 1990). (more…)

Dalt Vila-Eivissa/Ibiza

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

Welcome to Old Town or, as Dalt Vila literally translates, to upper town.
As I have mentioned previously Ibiza is a very old place, with an extremely long and rich history,
it all starts here in Dalt Vila which sits watching over Ibiza Town as it has done for many hundreds of years.
So a quick history lesson… because it is one thing most people completly miss when they come to Ibiza.
I can’t blame them though, on an Island such as this it’s hard to go back to school when there is so much beauty,
so much entertainment on offer, so let me give it to you so when you come you at least know a little of it’s past.
The Island of Ibiza as it is known now was founded around 8th century BC by the Phoenicians and slowly they began
arriving from the mainland, they lived in an area known as Sa Caleta before deciding to move to what is now Ibiza Town
in 654 BC. Yes that’s a long time ago, a really long time ago!
The city still stands in this location today though so you would have to say that they picked the spot well.
vila3.jpg vila4.jpg
Because of Ibizas location in the then world it became a meeting place and point of exchange for many
different cultures. (In this sence not much has changed) This of course led to many conflicts as all
these peoples wanted Ibiza for themselves and as such Ibiza has been ‘owned’ by the Carthaginians,
Phoenicians,Romans,Moors,Byzantines,Visigoths Muslims and now Catalans.
In the 1500 hundreds it was decided that the city needed to update it’s protection, The weapons had changed
and so the defences needed to be able to withstand heavier attacks from the sea. The cities Renaissance
walls we see today were created. On the cities main entrance there is 1585 carved onto a plaque and this fortified
wall is one of the finest in the world today, hence Dalt Vila has archieved World Heritage status.
Around this time another of Ibizas trademarks was also created, the Pirate spotting towers built to signal
an incoming invasion, you can see these spread around the island at various strategic points.
Very cool looking things too. If you are in Ibiza for it’s patron saint day ( Mid August ) they have Fireworks
that simulate invasions and battles at the Dalt Vila and sneaking through the city with local friends
when all goes Boom is an experience I will never forget.
This day is the comemeration of the last time the city fell, into the hands it remains to this day.
The story goes that a Muslim King as was the custom in those days took the wife of a man on their wedding day
to be with him on the first night, to bless the marriage so to speak. Well the husband was so enraged that
he told a member of the oposing army of a little secret passage into which a small hole was dug and the Catalan
armies were able to sneak into the city in the dead of night and open the gates virtually unopposed and take the city.
A small chapel was built around this hole and you can still see it today.
Okay so yes that concludes my little history lesson, so now I return the blog to it’s normal mode of
operations, being music of course, what I plough headfirst into just now.
I only wanted to show you all that Ibiza is more than just a party Island, much much more in fact so
I recomend extending your time there so you can chill out and explore this amazing Island and give yourself
time to recover a little and then party harder. ha ha ha ha ha ha…Ibiza loves you!
See you in 2012…. Ibiza will be the place to be trust me.

Es Vedra and the Ibiza Poseidonia

Sunday, October 16th, 2011

These are two of the natural features that make Ibiza feel so powerful and so special.
Weather or not you even see them you will feel the influence of these two big forces…
But Es Vedra is however, among other things, pretty hard to miss.
Standing two kilometers off the western side of Ibiza near Cala D’hort is the giant rock island with
near verticle sides. Rising up out of deep water and reaching 400 meters high
Es Vedra has always been surrounded by Mystery and Legend.
Each year I hear stories of people trying to go there and it seems alot of the time strange forces are at work
to keep humans away, but like any special place if your energy is right and it calls you to it…Go!
I have heard of a giant Octopus thats guards the approach to the Island, of lost paddles and strange swirling currents.
Once a french rock climber had a go scaling the Island only to be turned back by flocks of protesting seagulls.
It is said to be the third most magnetic point on the earth and though I have no way of verifying this I can
only say that if you go there the feeling it gives off is pretty tangiable to say the least.
I have seen the mysterious hippie who lived quite close spending the entireity of his days making impressive
piles of stones all over his little valley, so impresive in fact that he became a bit of a tourist attraction.
Unfortunatly this year he was gone, the victim of the police finally moving him on, Rapture or maybe he had
just made enough rock monuments and decided to move on. I will never know I suppose.
There is also a story of a strange Japanese hippy who lived on Es Vedra for a couple of years.
Nobody knew how he survived out there, what he ate (guessing Fish) but what did the man drink.
He must have had quite the time by himself out there but then one day he just vanished with out a trace
never to be seen again. Some of the legends, and there is many more may be merely that but there is no denying
that Es Vedra speaks of strange things. A trip to Ibiza for me is not complete without at least one sunset here.
The other big force of Nature is not so much a force but a slowly growing quiet organism and it’s easier to miss
because it’s underwater.
But the Poseidonia of Ibiza is nontheless impressive to say the least.
Between Ibiza and Formentera is a very large bed of seagrass. This is the reason why the waters here are
among the clearest on the earth, the grass filters the water and it also removes Co2 from the sea.
But recently Scientists have discovered that it is not just a bed of sea grass, it is in fact one single organism.
This Clonal colony of Poseidonia measures a staggering 8 km across making it the biggest single organism
on planet earth. It has also been recently discovered by measuring growth rates and by dating techniques
to be 100 000 yrs old, making it as well, the oldest living organism on earth. Pretty special, thats why it’s just been
recently declared World Heritage. Boats are forbidden to anchor now in this area and this year a super yacht owned
by a Saudi destroyed quite a tract of sea grass it is now forced to travel the Med with a diver on Board to check
the bottom before dropping anchor. It’s a strange world we live in huh, but a beautifully magnificant one as well.
Next time I will tell you of Ibiza’s other world heritage site. But for now over and out X

After the afters and The Closing of the Closings…

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

I always say the best gigs in IbiZa happen right at the end of the summer and this year was no exception.
August is best avoided like the plague, the place is full full full and going into some clubs that are capacity
is not on my list of priorities, unless of course I am behind the decks with a full dance floor and my own space.
And it’s always funny to see how the general crowds and club nights change ffrom year to year. For instance last
year I didnt catch space really very good at all, Pacha was more me, this year space was the place and pacha was boring (except in the funky room), but it all depends on the night. With so much going on you must choose wisely.
For those that come here try and discover all the different sides and vibes to Ibiza, the hippie side is different to
the comercial side just as the Coccoon Crowd is different from the Pacha crowd. Like night and day really.

Top ten sets of the summer….
1 - Soul Clap @ Sands …. what can I say, the after party of Dc10 Circo Loco party, after 4 solid days of closing parties
(and doesnt every body look like it) this is the last one and the Soul Clap set the speed on deep solid grooves and eveyone
keeps on dancing on the sand until they throw us all out.
2 - Lenny Ibizzare @ Kumharas Closing…. The last of the closing parties for me, to stand in the carpark hearing and seeing a
crowd with not one person standing still under the moonlight and recognising the brillance of my friend Lenny doing his
deep melodic twisty trance thing, now guys… Boom!
3 - Groove Armada presents Red Box @ We Love Space… Pure professionalism and as tight a show us only these two do.
Never a dull second in this two hour power set. Classics, new material and it was over far to quick.
4 - James Zabiela @ Space…. Beginning a set with an Ipad!!! Most of the time James looks like a heavy metal head banger
more than a DJ but this was deep progressive with a touch of tech house at it’s best.
5 - Fat Boy Slim @ Space…. I have never seen it so full on the terraza… No space at all at Space. People could not get in properly
but they danced outside the room in the hallways anyway. Norman…Entertain me!
6 - Damien Lazarus @ Circo Loco DC10…. O so deep, O so crazy the Circus!
7 - Sven Vath @ Le Plage… Yes its the after party of Coccoon…yes its late the next night…yes Sven hasn’t sleep…yes Sven
is higher than everybody else put together…yes he even forgets to put on a record sometimes, thats right still playing records.
Papa Sven is everybodies favourite techno super hero! And they Love him for being him. And I just hope somebody is driving
him home when he’s done.
8 - Friday nights @ The Sunset Ashram…. The live trance band with the Indian Swami on vocals send every Man Woman and Child
into a dancing Frenzy.
9 - Rico Loop @ Namaste closing party… the man is beautifully in the moment always and seeing everybody almost simultaneously
jump up and dance at a chill out gig because they couldn’t help it…fantastic!
10 - The secret Full moon party in a Hippie Villa. An occupied unfinished 2 million euro Squat. A generator, some big speakers
and booming Hard Trance ( I don’t even like Hard Trance) But the crowd, the friends and the vibe still do it for me.
*** others to mention*** - Tensnake live, Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Ewan Pearson and Joris Voorn.

And so now it’s time to chill, time to watch sunsets and explore the beauty of this magic Island. If you come here and don’t
get time to do that, you will miss out on something really special. Ibiza is not all about the parties believe me. Really.

Sunset Ibiza

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

One of the most popular things to do in Ibiza is watch the sun go down. The Island almost
comes to a stop the moment she sinks into the sea.

It is almost a crime to come to Ibiza and not watch one, it is that special.
Hardly a day goes by when I don’t stop myself and take that moment to say thanks to have
lived another day in such a place. It takes quite the party to pull me away from the sunny side,
but hey this is Ibiza and that does happen.
The two main options for sunset here is Sin Musica or Con Musica, both have merits.
To do a Dj set for the sunset is an art and not many can do it right. The presure of the moment,
the expectation of the crowds. I myself try only be sure I know the exact timing of the sunset so I
can space out the set as I go, always leaving myself open to go with the flow.
My absolute favorite place to play for sunset is the Sunset Ashram in Cala Conta, in front of you
and all around you is only sea, the colours are incredible and the full moon here is mind blowing as well,
to to see them both together low on the horizon moves you…literally.
The view from behind the decks.
And dont plan on leaving after the sunset because then the full moon party starts.
If you want a silent moment or want to do your own sunset set my advice is to wander up the cliff to
Cala Contita where there is a little bay with a great view of the magic Islands. They are full of
crystals just between you and me. Very magic indeed, I find it very hard to not be here everyday.
But variety is the spice of life so here are my top five sunset spots in Ibiza.

1. The Sunset Ashram and Cala Conta - its a bit of treck and a bit of a hidden gem so far from the maddening crowds.
2. The Pirate Tower overlooking Es Vedra - no words can speak of this, you must see and feel Es Vedra for yourself.
3. Cafe Del Mar or Cafe Mambo- For good music and crowds.( they are next to each so I usually go for the best DJ)
4. Benniras - in the north of the Island and for six weeks over August you can see the sunset into the sea from the beach,
sundays are the day of the drums, lots of drummers. The August Full moon is the big one.
5. Cap Des Falco - out beyond the salt panes of Salines, bring mossie repelent, trust me dont forget.

Enjoy, and when it sinks the correct thing to do is to give applause. Ole!

Ibiza has me…no coming down

Saturday, October 1st, 2011

I am still in one piece yes so dont worry. In fact the piece I am is being refined once again,
so onwards and upwards. I am very well here and as always the time slows but I cannot seem
to find the time to Blog and for that I apologize. I am very surprised and honored that 500
people every week come here to read what I have to say and the fact that my slackness has
not caused that to wane humbles me all the more. Who are you all? No really, I would like to know.
Anyway enough of that… to Ibiza for you all mi amigos!
I have been busy, busy being and becoming more me(Ibiza does that to you)
Gigs, radio shows, lots of dancing, in glamorous places and in the sand with the hippies.
I have slept… in a cave, on the beach, in a tent, a bus, a villa, a strange but wonderful womans couch….
and now a big comercial hotel… which is why I can say all that because if my Mother reads this she
wont worry too much. Ibiza is probably one of the safest places I know, the Island seems to look after you.
If you have the right vibe, you have nothing to worry about. So Even though I am in a comfortable bed I
miss especially the cave but the mossies have come so I will stay hoteling now I think.
This weekend is closing weekend and from here my agenda reads like this, Tonight- Amnesia closing,
Sunday Evening -Blue Marlin, Sunday night -Space& monday Circo Loco at DC-10. Tuesday I will sleep.
Circo Loco means Crazy Circus and that should paint a good picture of where we dancers are
at the end of closing weekend. Will I be the lion tamer or the clown, The ringleader or a Russian acrobat.
Only time will tell. The lineups are very big I cant even name all the DJ’s I will be dancing with, it’s too many.
So you will have to wait to my annual top gig list to see who’s cracking and who’s not.
Last night I had the best sleep in my whole time here ( 10 hrs) so I am ready to go long long long
to dance dance dance.
I have been here for almost a month and the thing you must understand about Ibiza is it has two
sides, like a coin. People have always said this about it and with the party scene arriving this is
all the more evident.
I have recieved many visitors here this year and I try to show people both sides of this mysterious
place. Over the coming weeks now it has become more quiet and as a reward for you reading I will show
you Ibiza, the hippy side, the chilled side, the history side, the big dancing club side,
the powerful forces of nature side, the creative side,so bare with me a little longer.
In closing this episode I can tell you that my music Project Electric Zeus has been making good
progress, one release signed to Sony and our track Believe going down well all over the Island and
is going to be signed to Melodica, a great Independent Label in the UK.
I have maybe one or two more gigs left one of which is another radio broadcast so will post the show here
so you can listen. Stay tuned for more Ibiza episodes in the coming weeks. Big Love XShane SoS