The Karma DJ

Sat night in the city…I put on a turban and things start to change
I get lost in the music , it’s tantric rhythms take my body ( and the crowds ) and my mind deeper to peace
Music never ceases to amaze me , it’s power and also it’s beauty
Seek out good music and reject the majority out there which is basically chaff that will be purged in the fires of time
Next year we will forget about all the big hits , all those too cool tracks
Like reality TV stars who arrive so quickly and are so quickly replaced with more of the same.
But every now and then something magic comes along , that one great track, most of us recognize it straight away
This is what I do…seek out that one in a thousand and I give it to you my friends with love
Good music will never die…for it is a celebration of life
SOS - Son of the Sea

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