Ahh…House parties. That special place that nightclubs rarely become . When everybody unites on the dance floor as one throbbing mass with arms way up high, Not a soul trying to look cool , No agro . Just Bliss. We who love to dance do this often in Sydney. This time the venue was a three storey terrace house in Paddington , and I would say at one stage we had 200 hundred jamed in there. The vibe was incredible , I had my boys on the drums and we tried our hardest to well and truely lift that roof off!
Misson accomplished I say
The floor was jumping so much I was thankful for the many hours spent transferring my records onto cd. At 3am I handed over to Nestor who only had Vinyl so we had a dilema.With the crowd showing no sign of slowing down I witnessed the amazing feat of the whole rig getting moved five metres onto the kitchen bench and nobody stopped dancing even when we cut the power for a few seconds…think about it …it blew my mind.
These parties are only by word of mouth so stay in touch peoples…We have many x

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