The first weekend of spring….

It is a big weekend, really big weekend…
The days get longer and the nights are getting warmer.
Friday night it begins…. with a big booming place,
lots of people.
Saturday night I play away in a little village called Avalon,
lot less people.
But the vibe is the same; summer is coming. inhibitions are going.
Time to get out there and mingle
Big room = Big lasers.
Small room = Small laser.
Up in the village friends are all around and I play records.
And we are dancin to the beat of a different drum…
‘The spirit of summer is coming amongst us’
This is me at the end, job done, happy.
The weekend comes to a close and I thought I would put this picture in…
The next day after the after. Still in Sydney, the first weekend of spring!
Roll on Summer…Roll on

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