Lovely day, tunes blasting in the backyard getting us in the mood…
We are warming up for tonight, I try to behave because I have a five set…
Yeah right! How can I say no when the beer is cold and the pool is warm.
So I start early, I will be fine in time for the needle going on the record
Then the puff and I am gone floating away in the clouds, all is forgotten as I lay on the grass
The time ticks on and the clouds more around then…
At the predetermined time I grab the bike for the ride home, all down hill so the floating continues
A snapshot of Aussie beach culture flies past me
The dogs, seagulls, dudes in colorful flip flops. Lattes,Frisbees, wee the breeze is blowing.
The beauty of playing so close to home… I pass the club on the way for a look at the vibe
Henry Afrika… looks very groovy, home to get the records and a strong drink
The sun sets and we do our thing , the sound system is in the red
Beats by the beach and they come. they come to boogie.
I love this next picture…
Later in the night when the music has got everyone nice things can happen
I just got a new remix of the classic ‘Toca me’
It’s a test pressing…
so I was testing it when these two beautiful people found each other through the glass
They did their dance and I did the lighter thing, people cheered!
This is not a test record anymore, it’s A+ for me
See ya next Sunday x

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