Malente Boat Party

Happy Australia Day!!!
Probably the best thing you can do on such a beautiful day when you live in Sydney
is hit the harbour. And being a DJ this is without a doubt the best backdrop to spin
some tunes. So the first song is groove armada setting the scene
‘But I feel good…but I feel high’ because it’s perfect.
Early in the set we get the guys up on this ship groovin and that starts a chain reaction.
3 levels of boat floors going on with all manner of dance musics and much to my delight
I had the roof for 4 hrs with my mate Simon Bongo and a bottle of tequila to get into the vibe
After the sun went down we got into some great open air house tunes, the wind was blowing
and we had the roof packed. Soaring House that filled a balmy Sydney night and we were flying man. Then the bottle of TQ gets to the end I drop the last song as we slide under the bridge then…
Cue the fireworks… Thank you very much
Simon says … Yeah man!!!

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