Monster Party in Bali

So the night begins here… sunset as 500 very excited people rock
in to Kandara on the cliff top. I decide a bit of earthing is in order
and chill with the sunset.Everyone knows and trusts we will get there
to lift off roofs and blow away storm clouds that are starting to light the
sky out to sea, so for now we chill as the sun goes down.
In between chilling and cutting loose there was a dancing Ganesh.
There was a supermodel,a belly dancer,drums,didge and all manner of musos.
Then I found the chill out rooftop and there was a chillum to smoke….perfect!
Back just in time to play the fire show….Sexytimes
Then two of my favorite moments,the mermaid gets bought in and dropped in the pool
and the fire lanterns lift off behind me and into the gulf stream to ‘my weakness’ by Moby
Then in anticipation for what everyone knows is the real main event, the after party
down on the beach they begin to descend and leave the me on the top.
Wow there’s a moment to breathe… and smoke of course.
Then it’s my turn to descend the 120 mtrs in the cliff descender. Talk about getting a boost,
lightening out to sea and nothing but air below me and the beats rising up.
I am ready… the local deejay Helme has got everyone gagging for it which makes my job easy…’Fly with me to the sun, good vibrations everyone.’ And the place goes off. YES !

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