What is Balearic ???

Is it a style of Deejaying,type of song?
Is it an Attitude in the party?
Was it a time in space?
Is it a place on earth?
Or just a name on a record …….

Well actually it is all these and more.
It is an openness to all music and all people.
An ability to let go and have a good time,
to switch off the mind and be here now

I like to think I am a Balearic deejay.
I take my inspiration from the time when Ibiza was beginning to rock.
All night parties where people didn’t Have to do drugs
Where the next day was a beautiful sunset with all your new friends
and through it all was the music,parties were listening experiences.
And deejays understood the word… Journey
And crowds excepted that they were going on one.


Oxford St Sydney was a strange place to go Balearic but hey why not?
I was game for it but maybe there was too much chilli in my thai
because I may have been on another level baby.
So after Oxford St we went and played at a warehouse with some friends.
They know about the balearic heartbeat and this was way too much fun.
This is the line up here
Son of the Sea, Dale Stephen and the better days boys
Right On

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