The town Aladdin left behind

‘I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name…
felt good to be out of the rain’
200 km west of the red city you get to this place and it’s a fantasy…
Essaouria and the setting sun but this is still not the gig
I will find out tomo where and to whom I am to play.
The locals I ask have never heard of the place…mysterious…
but they give me something funny to smoke so it’s okay really…
I’m sure they will find me because they haven’t flown me all this way for nothing… have they???
The sun goes down and I relax…R….E…L…A…X….
I will get out to this big gig in the middle of nowhere but not today… today I float around town
phone does not work…internet does not work…mind works in funny circles
It almost gets to the point where I wonder If I have forgotten how to deejay…almost
Just put on the headphones tomo and go through this door Shane
It will all be fine… Just Trust the drum…
and the man with no teeth who will come to drive me out to the desert with my cd’s
And so I sleep in the Bizarre Bazaar

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