chill out gigs are great

Moving a little further south to chill with the people on the sand…
one of my favourite gigs to play. The tempo and pressure of the dancefloor is gone.
Here the rules are different. There are no rules. If it sounds right, play it man.
On the beach almost anything sounds good if it is played with the right intention.
Ah the beach… the cool breeze, the hot sun, the happy faces.
It is the same everywhere you go. People are happy, people are relaxed.
And easy to play music to.
I would be happy to play music here forever. In this place.
But the winter is not so good, so Australia is better from that point of view.
We are so lucky us Aussies and we don’t know it at all. There is the difference.
But I FEEL lucky today. I AM lucky. Does it show?
All chilled up and ready to go

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