Sydney long weekend

After a most spectacular week here in the harbour city…sunshine & warmth,
Friday brings the call. Here comes the rain right on que…
must be a long weekend. But not too worry, I hardly get to notice it.
After a bit of an Hiatus from the decks in town I am back with blast.
Four gigs three days…but because I bring Ibizaness I get to go early.
Fine by me….lights… decks…deephouse!
First gig set the vibe, drink, move on.Second gig, set the vibe,drink.
Sleep, eat, set the vibe, drink. City. Rain. More rain.
Birdcages… no really… birdcages… with bird noises coming from somewhere.
Set the vibe. Drink. Dance. Sleep… a little.
Monday comes… Monday lovely Monday, the day of no obligations as we like to call it.
But not this monday… oh no… no TV for me tonight. The people have not had enough yet.
But I have… and I go all chilled, playing for my own head and funny enough…
They love it, after all we are all in the same boat.
The word goes out… Two hours becomes six.
Set the vibe… drink water… then a beer… another… then cocktails. Dance music.
I end up kicking on like I am a sucker for it, which I am.
I love it. Then its Tuesday.
Game over… until next long weekend.

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