Sunday routine

First things first…. after all I am a Dj… and before Sunday there is Saturday.
Okay that’s better ready to join the human race. As I’m sure many of you know
on Sundays I do the radio over at Bondifm. This will be summer number 7.
There is something very addictive about this show of mine that I cant really put
my finger on. But I am going to try here now. There is always a slight lack of
sleep to deal with (hence the mud like coffee) but I guess that’s all part of the
show. With the show being in Bondi Beach I must cross Sydney Harbour and
this may surprise you but I really dig my time in the car floating across,
looking at all the faces beside me, all the Sunday heads. All off somewhere
that’s not work so it’s really quite a diverse group. Somewhat less robotic
than a monday morning. And I dont drive much so it’s nice to listen to what
I think I might play on the show. But it’s off the cuff so really I have no idea
what the shows like till I’m in it. Then the studio. The new Cafe radio station.
Over the 7 years of this show the decks have been on the beach, at the markets,
on a roof, a balcony, sometimes even a studio. But now I am in a coffee shop.
But with a real studio with smart microphones and all. So the next coffee is just
right there and sometimes the chill out balearic Ibiza style show turns house music.
And the coffee changes into something cold and amber and bubbly.
So turn on the radio or come down to the bondifm cafe for a brew or a brew!!!
All the INFO is on the GIGS page. Happy sunday to us all.

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