the week that was

Quite a few gigs this week and I am feeling the busy life of the city DJ get me.
Took my lads over to Bondi to a launch party on Tuesday night, heres the view.
It felt very summery, was a Latin theme and my new friend and London import
Dj Koolade got the warm vibes flowing ala Salinas beach. We both are of the
Jon Sa Trinxa school of dj’s, so we worked well together…Cheers uncle Jon!
Then I had to come and give it a kick in the pants. Tuesday night is always
gonna be a tough call but my Drummer ( simon ) and the very very sexy
Brazilian dancers worked hard and got the dance floor open for business.
So Tuesday went like a friday. But at one stage of the night there were more
cameras than people, but thats just like, so Bondi, sweetheart. X
And here I have to show you my DJ table at Thursday nights re launch of a very
groovy bar that two of my friends have just bought in Manly. I may play there
regularly soon so keep your eyes open here if your coming over this way.
The bar is called InSitu. I felt like i was back in New York. Cool.
Then there was the weekend… whew! I will wait for a photo to tell you about that.

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