Senore Baute and the lost brigade

So to the weekend…A character from Venetian 15th century takes me again
on a journey to the underworld. A chance to go behind the mask for us all.
I am in the middle with the Usual suspects…
This was a party of the best kind, where everyone leaves the old person
behind at home and goes for it. Nobody knows who you are, what you do
and nobody cares for that matter. It’s fantasy, and that’s what makes going
out to nightclubs really exciting. The music used to be all it took. Then we
added drugs. Now more effort is required to lose ourselves. But we get Lost.
I saw. god wander into the middle of the dancefloor and bang a staff on the
ground in time to the music… and god was a woman… with a long beard.
I saw Saddam dancing with out a care in the world, only to lift up his mask
throw down a jack and coke, then shove the mask back down and Rock on.
Centaurs forcing their way to the bar. A dj with a stuffed fox around his neck..
and a vampire telling him off for having a dead animal on display. She must
have forgot she was a blood sucking creature of the night. Just for a moment.
And I keep my mask on all the while until we get back into the cab. I learnt to
smoke and drink like they must have done back in Venice 500 hundred years ago.
It was such a refreshing night to be a part of. So if I may say this to you only,
leave your ego at home, go out, let go, feel it. Thats really the point of Music.
Mask or no Mask. My co producer Steve and I out of the studio and feeling the vibe.
They call me Senore Baute. I am nobody in particular and everyone at once. Faceless.

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