The decks are on the decks out on the deck!

A humble little party to play at with a small but very clued into the music crowd.
Guys like this are always a pleasure to play for. Thanks Dan for the decks.
It has been quite sometime since I last packed a case of vinyl, so I had to dust
off the old records… literally, I had a mad case of hay fever for the first half of
my set. But the sea air always does the trick. Oh yes and there was plenty of
that here. I was supposed to do a Balearic set for the sunset and luckily I packed
some old piano House as well because I couldn’t get off the decks all night.
Luckily I got a feed in. The Butcher In Freshwater is famous for his Irish snags.
I concur. Sausage +Mustard + Onions + Chutney = mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Fuel to get down.

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