bye bye 2009

We say it with a beach party, we say it with lots of prawns on the back deck
then a spot of groovy tunes to help dance them through.Our spot beckons…
This is a small deserted beach in the middle of the city on my side of the bay
where we sometimes go to play music and dance on the sand. Sometimes
people come to tell us to leave and sometimes we stay till sun up. I think
the risk of getting caught makes it all the more exciting, just like other
outdoor pursuits.
And this is my buddies very small but how cute setup he bought in Japan
many moons ago. Pioneer always ahead of the curve.Works very well too.
We got it going for a bit of a christmas boogie!
Now my friends I wish you a very groovy end to 2009, as you saygoodbye to the ox
in your own way welcome in the year of the tiger. grrrrrrrr
I will be up at peats ridge playing tunes, floating down the river, dancing in the dirt
and generally getting very loose I imagine. Catch you on the flipside! SoS.

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