my belated Aussie day.

Yes folks my apologies for the lack of bloging action over these last weeks,
I ‘ve been moving house. The way we do it down here is first the fridge goes
(full of beer of course). That way there is always a cold one ready when you
get to the other end. And it keeps the mates helping happy. Very important.
Anyway I thought I’d show you also how we celebrate or at least how I did on
a very sunny and beautiful Australia day. Jan 26 2010.Sydney. Location great.
Living in a multi cultural city is I think one of the most rewarding and inspiring
places to live. And here we have it at it’s best.Our Brasilian beauty Giselle
becomes an Aussie citizen so we have a traditional Brasilian BBQ. But with VB
And this is how you carry a Slab of VB to a party people. Drink the beer and
ride the board home…perfect.
We spent the sunset floating on Sydney harbour and it’s feels good to be
in the lucky country. Thats mine with the dual stubbie holders, always prepared.
Oi Oi Oi brothers and sisters. X cheers

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