New York New York In Situ

So in between unpacking and painting I HAVE been doing the odd Dj Set, Saturday nights in my
home town at a very funky little bar called In Situ. I love it. My buddies have just taken it over
and they let me do my thing…no politics…and it is soooooo very refreshing. It shows in the music.
I am having fun and going for it with no pressure just good vibes. This will be long term folks and it
will become an essential part of any Saturday night I’m sure. It’s in the middle of Manly. Sydney.
I start the night with the chilled and deep vibes of lounge. At a certain time I change the vibe to
a little jazzy deep house and it always reminds me of when I lived in New York City.
Sometimes people can’t help themselves and they dance but I don’t try to make them….
Just keeping it deep and it’s lovely. From 8-12 on a Saturday I got it under control. See you…
I Hope. X Visit

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