Time for the city

Again I have gone awol on the blogging so for those that are interested my apologies,
it’s not that nothing interesting has been happening…these are interesting times in the
world that’s for sure. I have just been keeping it to myself I guess.
Here winter has come and settled in, so again I find the music goes to deeper places,
more jazz, more funk,more deep house than I can poke a stick at…If I wanted too.
The Balearic music is on hold until August when I set sail for Ibiza, Then it will be back
for the summer in Oz and it all starts over, but I think I am jumping the gun a bit,
probably because I was searching for my passport that I thought I had lost all morning.
But until then It’s cold so I rug myself up in the world of two studios again. Dj Mixes for
the coming trip, and the album which is slowly taking shape will have to be an EP for Ibiza.
You cant rush these things it seems.
I have been lugging my bag of music all over the place lately,some varied and different gigs
which is keeping it all very interesting. I took the ferry into the city one day for a change,
a little back burning in the blue mountains and a change of wind direction made for a nice sunset.
So I have a quiet couple of weeks which is lovely, a time to recharge the power
and a chance to get all the new tunes in the right place.
Apart from the random spots around the town my Saturday residency at In Situ
just keeps on getting busier and busier. Here you will get a chance to hear Deep House
and lounge in a perfect setting. Check it here.
See you Saturdays.

Until next time keep well and keep groovy X Shane


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