The eagle has landed in Italy so the eagle jumps on the scooter and straight to the sea…
Bingo Arrivo! Best cure for a long flight is the sea for sure.The Eagle knows.
The First night the moon was full and high above the shore we put on the music,
sunset music that warms up for the night ahead, for the big drive to the beach club.
A good chance to try out the eagles new DJ mixes in a land far far away.
Aperitivo on the terrace and here she comes…La Luna Piena!
Now to try the Italian beach party last night at the end of August can they party, can they dig it??
The eagle thinks so…not bad for 3 thousand cocktail drinking very dressed up and tanned
Regazzi… And with the moon and the sea air dancing on the sand is more intoxicating than any
Vodka based beverage or DJ could ever deliver I think. This is Club Suerta somewhere near Alassio.
The eagle lands well here in Italia.

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