The first 24

I step off the Aeroplane into the heady salt air, hurried into a waiting merc with good friends.
Drive quickly up the road, park car, walk along the long beach and slowly the sound is building.
The bass is first then the fire then the laughter then the deepness arrives, it builds it crescendos,
and it goes boom….hands go in the air and I am behind the decks with Sasha… way to arrive Man!
This Is Ibiza and they love every second of the set, pure bliss from the Function 1’s on the beach.
Next day time to arrive in another way to another Ibiza that I love just as much… sunset Ibiza.
A more spiritual existence that goes hand in hand with the hedonistic party times of last night…
Yin and Yang. Space and tranquility comes and gin clear waters to swim in.
So it is really a contasting island of experiences here in Ibiza, you can find all that you need.
And for me in particluar the thing that ties all this together is the music, always the music.
Music for the body and music for the soul…This is my ‘Real Ibiza’
And it is also blessed with amazing things to eat…like these fresh figs, my entire diet on day one.
And so here I go….searching for the balearic heartbeat…Ibiza Island 2010.

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