life in the hills of Ibiza

Sometimes in life something comes to transform us which allows us to move forward.
I feel like this now and so I am thankful to be able to retreat into the hills, to the top
of one actually…this is a million dollar escape from the craziness below in the towns
and from the craziness in my mind.The million dollar villa where I still need candles
and an Icebox. The wind in the pines and the occasional farmers shout the only sounds
to break my meditation. I am only a thought away though from the dance below but for
this week silence was my journey.
September here is a beautiful time, less crowds and the Dj’s have done their big work
and so they are also more relaxed and the ridiculous heat of August has chilled slightly.
A good time to come to Ibiza I have decided. More to enjoy. Next week the mission is
to find the best beach but first….back to the music…
The weekend readies itself for us to prepare ourself and the music again is the mission,
the way forward and the way of the present, and a busy one awaits so I am ready.
Pacha and two sunsets to get into. Info on gig page.
Now I know I go on and on to my friends about this but this is my drink here in Ibiza,
Hierbas Ibicencas, a herbal elixer made from plants found here on the Island, you can
buy it in bars but this one is made by farmers and only if you know where to ask.
A glass is ready and waiting for my good friends.
The sun rises the sun sets and life is passing through our fingertips like the wind in the trees.

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