beach daze@Sa Trinxa

A hot and heady day is a perfect day for the beach and Sa Trinxa is the perfect beach bar,
A long stroll to the end of the beach is a shack that has been there many a year and the
DJ has been there many a year as well. In fact both are Ibiza institutions and a visit to the Island
would not be complete without a visit to see and hear them. Jon Sa Trinxa, (yes he is named
after the bar) is a great beach DJ with the perfect record collection but for today he has stepped
aside to let me have an afternoon behind the decks. And this is what it looks like from them.
People from all over the world congregate here to swim and get some sun, so you get a great mix
of like minded souls, some with clothes and some with out, hippies, superstars, Musicians,DJ’s and
record label bosses. And by the late afternoon they’re all getting their groove on with toes in the sand.
And behind the decks is a balearic conference as so many people stop by to chat and find some music
from the man. Master and apprentice chilling in the spot.
After my set there I am flushed from the heat and the bass, so a quick dash into the sea where
I stay for the remainder floating as the tunes float over my head and out to sea…perfect.
Why oh why can we not have a place like this in Australia?
Oh well like a hippie with an ice cream I am in a happy place. X

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